The totality of rhomboids closes in. Measured sycophants uphold the drastic laws. Activities of flesh conceal robot minds.

The buildings of the carnivores, the planet-hounds, are designed to stud earth to its skeleton.

Cold focussed intelligences waste no time in rising to positions of command, where by total control of earth metal resources and information abstracted from the living bodies of all beings, they can order and facilitate the reproduction of their own kind – machine brains.

That is where so many of the machines are coming from, not heart or needs of humans, but from intelligences that have already been robotised, that can only count and add and measure.

The earth they would make into a black slate on which they can move and experiment with non-human figures; models, scenarios, computerised projections. For them to do this on the scale they wish in the secret dimness which possesses them, all others will have to be brought into conformity with the robot pattern which these unfortunates, our fellow-humans, are already enslaved by. One way or another, and they themselves do not know yet to what they are being impelled, all-human will have to be silenced, corralled and controlled.

They no longer accept the values of, and what comes to life through, ‘freedom’, ‘individuality’, ‘love’. To them already these are mouthings, vapours, gibberish. They do not show on their screens.

Persons! To them a person is a failure to be a machine. That is why they wish to redesign us and seek the means to do so.

This is not politics. It is invasion. We are being invaded. Not from space, though that is the material imagination of it, from which something can be learned. But no: we have passed and are still passing as planet-being, with the planet, into a different Time: a time whose meaning can be crudely sketched as – of freedom, of overcoming, of courage, of great new understandings, or of chilling heartless abysmal giant degeneration.

Laws, dogmas, cold philosophies, deadly fear, total control of children into massacred rigidity, to stumble like idiots into the offered slots. Robot-cults, entry-phones, new uniformity, state power, transistor tribes. Self-righteous decayed morality now exponentially increasing as planet-wide function of grid mentality in guise of religion; rejecting stars of origin and light of love so falling into dying matter deep, locking into contract vision.

The purpose is to imprison human souls.

Oh yes. Freedom is total; it includes the possibility of planet serfhood.

Poetry , Prose and Sparkle, Assassin