EDINBURGH, January, 2003

This ROM has all my finished work (more or less) except for what's in the Collected Poems (Salutations, Polygon Press, 1990), though some of those are here as well.

Persons are free to print from or burn copies of, for friendly use. Anyone reproducing for commercial purps. will, however, be pursued through several lives on any relevant planet.



Singles Prose pieces not more than a page long I keep in a folder called 'Singles'.

Reasons For The Work is the long intro to Heart Of The Sun 1986

Underwater Wedding 1961 Pages 18-30 in 'Salutations' were all written in the same few months as U.W.

The pieces Campbell, Dawkins, Jung are examples of what happens sometimes when I am looking up the legs of intellectual giants. I take notes and sometimes, impelled by their astonishing thoughts, I write at some length. The pieces are not finished as to form, but the prose has been trimmed and tightened, so finished in that sense.

LISTEN, PUNK 1977 was produced during intense goings on as described in Dear Pat, Dear Libby and in Reasons for the Work. It was eighty pages A6 size, bound with safety pins through punched holes. Five or six words to a page slashed down with a Magic Marker(big felt tip). Punk Interview is about it. There is a photo.

The Knitted Claymore appeared as the whole issue No 37, June 1971 of Lines Review.

Journey With Roy: Just to say: it is actual journal written as happening, not composed. The experience of that time and the years before and after went into It's Never What You Think